Wedding anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries can be celebrated every day in the church of San Giorgio in Velabro.
Every year we celebrate the anniversary of marriage.

Anniversaries 1 - 5 years

One year – Paper wedding: Is there a better way to think of each other than writing each other a letter full of love and gratitude? And if you want to complete the celebrations, some light pink confetti will be perfect for the occasion!

Two years – Cotton wedding: Want an idea for a gift? A personalized t-shirt for a less formal idea, or a set of sheets or towels to use together, obviously 100% pure cotton.

Three years – Leather wedding: A belt, a wallet, a keychain… so many great gifts! If you’re animal-friendly, why not the same in eco-leather? Is the thought that matters, right?

Four years – Flowers wedding: A nice bouquet of her favorite flowers, or seasonal beauties: a great classic, perfect for this occasion.

Five years – Wooden wedding: First milestone: why not giving her/him a little bonsai of a young tree to plant in the wild. It will grow as your love will! And for the perfectionists, fucsia confetti.

Anniversaries 6 - 10 years

Six years – Iron wedding: The relationship is getting stronger and stronger. Why not make it sweeter with a candy box, possibly vintage boxed with some shabby chic flavor.

Seven years – Copper wedding: Some say this is a tough year to pass, and so it’s associated with one of the noble metals. Why not choose a decoration, a bracelet or some earrings made in this precious metal, which is also relaxing?

Eight years – Bronze wedding: What to gift in this occasion? A sculpture, a vase or a piece of furniture, or maybe a visit in a museum. Certainly a welcome idea.

Nine years – Ceramic wedding: That’s an easy one: a tea set, or some house ornament. A versatile material, good for everyday use, just like your love.

Ten years – Aluminum wedding: Another big milestone, a time to make a first evaluation of your life together. The perfect gift? An inscribed clock and a lot of yellow confetti!

Anniversaries 11 - 25 years

Eleven years – Steel wedding: Stainless, the most common adjective for this material, and now also for your relationship. A gift for the occasion: something for the kitchen, some furniture or a jewel.

Twelve years – Linen wedding: A scented fabric that smells of nature, fresh and good. A set of sheets in this material may be the perfect gift for this time, maybe accompanied by a bouquet of linen flowers. Delicate and thoughtful.

Thirteen years – Lace wedding: On runaways is a must have, in your love is a very important time. No centerpieces or Grandma’s blanket, why not a shirt with some lace inserts or a dress in macramé?

Fourteen years – Lead wedding: A heavy metal with not many fans. We prefer to think about Andersen’s fable where the lead soldier falls in love with the tin ballerina, to remember that no love is impossible.

Fifteen years – Porcelain wedding: Third milestone in a row, you’re getting good at this! A precious ornament may be in order for this. Tradition requires the confetti to be beige.

Twenty years – Crystal wedding:From the 15th on, celebrations are less frequent, but more emotional. For this occasion a toast, rigorously made in crystal glasses, and orange confetti.

Twenty five years – Silver wedding: First of the most popular milestones. A quarter century together. Why not celebrate it again on the aisle, surrounded by relatives, family and close friends. For the party, silver confetti for everyone.

Anniversaries 30 - 60 years

Thirty years – Pearl wedding:Elegance, for her a line of pearls to frame her face, for him some precious twins. Blue-green confetti are in order this time.

Thirty five years – Saffire wedding: As the name suggests, this is the stone you should consider for a very precious gift, like your love. Confetti? Obviously deep blue!

Forty years – Emerald wedding:In this case, the stone is obviously an emerald, the same color of hope, and the confetti will be as green as possible.

Forty five years – Ruby wedding:Red as passion, as love itself. Again a stone for the perfect gift, and the confetti will follow suit.

Fifty years – Golden wedding: A milestone more and more difficult to reach. Very few manage to get to this point in life, but when you get there, it requires a big celebration. Renewal of the vows, this time surrounded by sons and nephews. A simple gift, a necklace or a new ring. Golden confetti of course…

Fifty five years – Ivory wedding:The difficulty increses. It’s rare to see a couple get to this point together, still in love as the first day. A second, or a third honeymoon, perhaps in Africa?

Sixty years – Diamond wedding: This final milestone deserves a medal. We think that being surrounded by the love of your family, hopefully a big and ever growing one is a gift like no other. Confetti are white, like the first day, sixty years ago.