Documents, procedures and costs of the wedding

Tobook the Church, the couple will receive from the Rector of St. Giorgio aform, that will need to be filled by the bride’s parish priest. The form has to be given back to the Rector in 14 days as a definitive confirmation. Otherwise the booking will be cancelled.

Documents required for the Wedding Celebration are:I

  • Civil status documents:
    -Certificate of civil status from the city of residence.
  • Religious documents:
    -Baptism certificate, for the use of marriage, can be requested at the parish of baptism.
    -Confirmation certificate, can be requested at the confirmation parish or at the historical archive of the Vicariate of the Diocese of belonging

The parish priest of the bride or the groom must receive the documents and he will prepare the XIV form.

The couple have to deliver the form and all the other documents to the Wedding office of the Rome Vicariate, which is located in San Giovanni in Laterano Square. The office will issue theNulla Ostaof the relative documents, after the couple’s promise and the annoncement in the both parishes.

The XIV form, including the Nulla Osta document from the Vicariate, must be delivered by the couple at least a month before the wedding to the Parish of Santa Maria in Portico in Campitelli (9, Campitelli Square, behind the theater of Marcello; telephone and fax 06 68 80 39 78, email . The office is always open except for Thursday, from 10:00 am until 12:30 pm).

On the same week as the delivery of the XIV form to the Parish of Santa Maria in Portico in Campitelli, the spouses must go to the Church of San Giorgio in Velabro to communicate: the name of the celebrant for the wedding, the list of witnesses with full details (name, surname, age and city of residence), the choices of music if the wish to use the church’s organ, the violin, the soprano singer, the couple has to provide the name and phone number of the person in charge for the decorations.

For the celebration of the wedding in a rectory such as San Giorgio in Velabro, the fee, required by the Vicariate is of 270,00 €. Such fee must be paid off to the Rector of the Church San Giorgio in Velabro one month before to the wedding, that is when the spouses deliver the required documents. The fee includes: payment for the procedures at the Vicariate, payments for the publications in the parishes (the spouses and the parish of Santa Maria in Campitelli) and payment to the Church.

It does not include payments for the music, the decorations and the flowers.

Thewedding certificate will be given to the spouses the day of the wedding.