Rules for celebrating wedding

The booking needs to be done at least a year in advance from the day of the ceremony (see the Documents page).

The Church can accommodate only three weddings per day. The available times are:
10:00, 12:00, 16:00 e 18:00

The couple has to attend the pre-wedding classes at any parishes.

The newly-weds are free to choose and invite a celebrant of their own choice. Otherwise the Rector of San Giorgio can preside the ceremony, which will be prepared with him at least a month in advance.

The spouses must respect the agreed time on the day of the wedding.

The spouses will greet friends and parents only outside of the church.
The toss of rice to the spouses is allowed only outside of the church and the portico. In order to maintain clean the area, it is forbidden to toss confetti or candies).

The church will not be responsible for the safeguard of the decorations intended for more than a ceremony; such duty will be of the company in charge of the decorations.
In the event of more weddings during the same morning or evening, is mandatory that the spouses choose the same company to take care of the decorations.

The couple that confirms earlier than the others, will have the right to choose the color of the upholstery.

It is strictly forbidden to modify the furniture in any way or to use item such as nails or candles that may damage it.

Photographers must be discrete and never use devices that may interfere with the Church’s audio system.
Church doesn’t provide electricity for the photographers.

The spouses must rely such rules to their chosen photographers and will have to deliver the phone number of the photographer to the Rector of San Giorgio in Velabro.